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Better Email Management for Growing Law Firms
Properly file and secure client communications without employees ever leaving their inbox
Research and experience have shown us that emails are distracting. The average worker spends about 28% of their workweek managing email and nearly 20% looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks. There's a better way.

Effective email management for a growing law firm involves the systematic control of all email communications within the organization in order to mitigate the risk of compliance issues or a data breach. And a central, searchable tool for communication can reduce as much as 35% of the time employees spend searching for information. This is where email management systems can help.

This guide explores the basics of email management systems (EMSs) for small law firms, including:

  • How an effective EMS can help your firm stay organized, productive, and secure
  • Critical features to consider when selecting an EMS
  • Best practices for higher adoption rates
Better Email Management for Growing Law Firms

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