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The General Counsel Report 2023, Part 2 Released
GC Report 2023 Part 2: Legal Departments Become a Hub for ESG and Diversity
ESG and DIB remain the major focal points for business and society in 2023. Legal departments have become integral influencers, serving as hubs for critical decision-making and planning in these areas, presenting a range of opportunities, responsibilities, and risks.
For ESG, in-house counsel is often responsible for verifying much of the information. However, the logistics of navigating ESG are more confusing than embracing the fundamental values associated with it, and the level of preparation for complex risk factors such as ESG may vary depending on an organization’s industry, size, and data management needs.

Download Part 2 of this paper to learn why 100% of the respondents of the 2023 General Counsel Study listed ESG as a key area driving rising demand, and 57% listed ESG among their top five risk areas for 2023.
The General Counsel Report 2023, Part 2 Released
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