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The 2024 General Counsel Report - Part Two
Survey: General Counsel Expect Significant Increase in Technology Investments and Artificial Intelligence Adoption

The General Counsel Report 2024 examines the challenges that corporate legal departments encounter due to the evolving digital risk environment. With an increasing focus on data-driven regulations, privacy obligations, disruptive technologies like AI, rapid advancements in technology, and a wide array of emerging data sources, legal departments are confronted with new complexities when it comes to allocating resources and setting priorities.

The report offers valuable insights from global legal department leaders who shared their differing priorities across various corporate legal areas. Exploring these perspectives will provide a deeper understanding of how different organizations are addressing the challenges posed by these rapid changes.

Part Two, Rapid Advancement and Digital Risk Shape Technology Adoption, Use and Proficiency, is accessible today and provides insights on the following:

  • Technology adoption trends
  • AI tools in the legal department
  • The progression of technical expertise
The 2024 General Counsel Report - Part Two
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